Takım Ölçüm Sistemi-Presetter

50 years of innovative technology

The new STP FUTURA line of tool presetting and mesuring systems, is the expression of our 50 years of innovative technology.

Based on key construction concepts which have always been copied but never equalled, the new STP FUTURA line introduces new levels of ergonomics, ease of use and precision in the tool presetting and measuring world.

The modular design and vast number of configurations available, offer the right solution for every measuring need guaranteeing at the same time full upgreadability in the future as your company’s needs grow.

The solid design, together with our excellence in manufacturing, eliminates the need for frequent recalibration due to changes in temperature during the work shift; as well as guaranteeing the precision and repeatability of your system year after year. Due to this fact, software compensation – as offered by other presetter manufacturers – is not needed in order to correct mechanical misalignments.


  • homogeneous structure
  • maximum ergonomics
  • superior precision
  • Heidenhain® glass scales
  • Schneeberger® linear guideways
  • Sony® CCD cameras
  • Marcel Aubert® optics
  • Festo® Pneumatics
  • brand PC based controls
  • SPERONI original spindle system
  • manual operation, automatic mechanical clamping, cnc spindle, cnc X and Z axis
  • data output (post processor) and network connection
futura_ergonomia As a manufacturer, it is our constant aim to push the boundaries of tool presetting & measurement. Ergonomics is sometimes used just as a marketing slogan. The challenges we faced in this department encompassed aspects such as safety, ease of use and design..
The precision comes from the mechanical construction.
The new STP FUTURA definitely sets a new bar becoming the benchmark also in the ergonomics department. While maintaining the unsurpassed open spindle design and introducing a completely new and redesigned cockpit solution FUTURA allows each operator to fully customize his and hers working position.
one hand rapid axis movement   integrated X and Z axis fine adjustment hand-wheels   new high precision 50 taper vertical rotating integral spindle   industrial grade controls for the spindle disk brake system   Heidenhain® glass scales,Schneeberger® guideways  

new  integrated original adapter support


  • single window graphical interface
  • flying crosshair
  • 45X standard magnification
  • over 150 measuring icons
  • tool management for 1,000 tools
  • adapter & zero point management
  • print management
  • dial indicator and run-out functions
  • MaxP function
  • full screen function & zoom to 120X
  • base Post Processor
  • data backup function
  • autofocus function
The new SIMPLE VISION control is the most intuitive and easy to use vision system on the market today. The new EDGE 2.0 PC-based control and image processing system is the complete upgradable control for tool management, user management, tool inspection and CAM interfacing. The new EDGE PRO control is the most intuitive and easy to use vision system on the market today.
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connections and integrations
    Easily and securely transfer your measured tool data to your machine tools.
integration to tms
integration to cam
    A > Mistake free automatic download of offset data to all of your machine tools via your company network or FTP server.
B > Direct Integration via RS232 or dedicated connection with your NC machine control.
C > Full integration with any read-only and read/write tool identification systems.
technical data
STP 44 STP 46 STP 48 STP 64 STP 66 STP 68 STP 84 STP 86 STP 88 STP 612 STP 812 STP 124 STP 126 STP 128 STP1212
max Ø 400mm 400mm 400mm 600mm 600mm 600mm 800mm 800mm 800mm 600mm 800mm 1200mm 1200mm 1200mm 1200mm
max H 400mm 600mm 800mm 400mm 600mm 800mm 400mm 600mm 800mm 1200mm 1200mm 400mm 600mm 800mm 1200mm
        standard equipment       optional equipment  
  • Simple Vision control
  • 45X standard magnification
  • episcopy front light system
  • pnumatically activated axis movement
  • fine adjustment X & Z axis
  • integral spindle ISO 50 high precision
  • spindle brake
  • integrated calibration master
  • T.I.R. @ 300mm < 5µm
  • spindle concentricity 1µm
  • axis resolution 1µm
  • axis positioning repeatability (+/-) 2µm
  • power supply (V) 100…220
  • power consumption (KVA) 1…2
  • pneumatic requirements (Mpa) 0.5 – 0.7
  • Edge 2.0 control
  • Edge Pro control
  • unità CNC per assi X, Z e Y
  • universal spindle
  • adapter quick change system
  • universal tool-holder clamping system F-20 integrated
  • shrink-fit system
  • center height camera
  • swing arm camera
  • Post Processor
  • integration to CAM and TMS
  • Integration with RFID systems